For any organisation with multiple locations, stores or regional operations, social media is becoming increasingly complex.

In the past, social was often driven solely by the central marketing or communications team, running campaigns and promoting content via tightly controlled corporate social media accounts - not anymore!

Today, customers increasingly want to engage directly with their local store on Facebook or Twitter and receive fast, personal replies. These new expectations provide new opportunities for you to generate more meaningful customer engagement and deliver exceptional customer service at the same time.

Watch the webinar to hear real-life stories of other UK organisations who are already seeing the benefits of a local social media account strategy, see if it is right for your own organisation.

Learn more about:

  • Why a localised approach to social media engagement is good for business
  • What Facebook are doing to drive you towards a local social media approach
  • The key elements of success for delivering a local social media strategy

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Naomi Linford

Naomi Linford

Naomi is an Enterprise Social Media Specialist at CrowdControlHQ, helping some of UK's best-known organisations understand how to use social media to achieve their business objectives.


Rich Evans

Rich Evans

Rich is Co-Founder at BlueFrog Media, the social media agency, and is responsible for day-to-day operations specialising in social media management and campaigns.


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