How to develop and deliver a strategic roadmap for social customer care

Ultimate Guide to Social Customer Service Strategy

Today, social media plays a critical role in the delivery of a coherent and successful customer service programme of activity. Jo Causon CEO of the Institute of Customer Service goes as far as stating “We have reached a point where social media is not just a necessary component of a credible customer service strategy but one which offers powerful insights that drive better innovation, co-creation and collaboration. To make this a reality social media needs to be a central part of a coherent, sustained and long-term focus on customer service strategy, something that many organisations are yet to do.” 

For many the term ‘focus’ implies having a strategy, plan or roadmap in place. Certainly a strategic plan is a great start for many organisations. A recent poll across marketing managers in the automotive sector found that 68% did not have a strategic plan in place for social media. However, this is only part of the picture. Those who understand how to practically make a strategic plan a success also argue that having social media within the DNA of an organisation is equally important.

In chapter 4 of the Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we discuss how a roadmap can create a long-term focus to ensure your social media is a central and coherent part of your customer service delivery.

Within this guide you will learn:

  • How to avoid the default position of just ‘going with the flow’ on social media
  • Defining where your organisation currently stands on the social landscape
  • How to develop a strategic roadmap for customer service success
  • Ensuring social becomes part of your organisation’s DNA
  • Resourcing your roadmap
  • Setting the standards

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