Overcoming the barriers to deliver enterprise social customer service

Ultimate Guide to Social Customer Service & The RisksAny discussion on counting the cost of failure in customer service and the impact of social media is likely to start with a song! A very specific song, written by Dave Carroll (now legendary) called “United breaks guitars”.

The Country and Western singer single handedly wiped $180million off the value of United Airlines when he escalated his customer service complaint – a broken guitar, to YouTube in the form of an engaging and bespoke piece of content targeted at the jugular of the airline brand.

The problem for brands is the reputational damage these ‘public’ types of customer service blunders cause. The comments expressed can often leave existing or prospective customers with a whole new perception of a brand. The popularity of the brand can be tarnished but worse there can be a loss of consumer trust – a key ingredient of customer satisfaction, which sits at the heart of customer service success.

So… In this third chapter of our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we explore the 5 key threats which could impact your social customer service delivery and ultimately have a negative effect on customer satisfaction.

Within this guide you will learn:

  • Key examples of brands failing to meet customer service standards across social media
  • 5 key reasons why social customer service fails happen
  • How to overcome these threats to deliver successful social customer service
  • Understanding the value of an effective social customer care program
  • Handling a crisis through effective social media communication

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