The Ultimate Guide to Delivering Returns from Social Customer Service

Six reasons customers spend more if they are satisfied with customer service delivery on social mediaUltimate Guide to Delivering Returns from Social Customer Service

Harvard Business Review recently reported that companies who developed social care capabilities improved year-on-year revenue per contact by 6.7%. In the same report entitled ‘Your Company Should Be Helping Customers on Social’ they found that at the opposite end of the scale, those that didn’t embrace social care saw a 12.1% decline – a compelling argument for biting the bullet and committing wholeheartedly to investing in social media channels and social customer service.

In this second chapter of our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service on Social Media we explore the importance of getting your social customer service right, to avoid impacts on your organisation’s bottom line.

Within this guide you will learn:

  • The cost of not embracing social customer care
  • How effective social customer service can increase revenue
  • The reasons why social media is driving bottom line
  • How to overcome the risks of social customer service
  • Why you need to invest in social customer service NOW!
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