Housing provider Hyde Group know a thing or two about customer service, supporting 100,000 residents in its 50,000 homes. Using CrowdControlHQ, they were able to deliver customer service on social like never before.

“If you want to provide a better, quicker service on social media, you need more people to be involved.” Digital & Social Media Manager, Hyde Group

CrowdControlHQ's social media management and compliance platform allowed the Hyde Group to handle the risks of large-scale social media adoption and provide more timely responses to inbound enquiries. The organisation was able to:

  • Establish a team of 30 social media users across Communications, Customer Service and other departments, to deliver fast and accurate responses to inbound customer service enquiries.
  • Mitigate the risks of a large social media team with multiple social media accounts, implementing secure logins and recording a full audit trail of all social activity.

Find out exactly how CrowdControlHQ supported the Hyde Group's social strategy, and learn what we can do for yours.