Do you have a centralised social media team or a dispersed team across multiple departments? Do you handle social media entirely in-house or outsource to an agency? Whatever your approach, it can be a real challenge to improve how you reach, engage and service your customers or community via social.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to social media success, so its important to understand the different models you can adopt!

Watch this webinar featuring James Leavesley, CEO at CrowdControlHQ to learn about the key building blocks that organisations need to adopt to deliver exceptional social media marketing, customer service and community engagement.

Learn how to establish the right strategy, goals, roles and responsibilities enabling you to collaboratively create and publish engaging content, resolve customer service enquiries quickly and efficiently, and manage all of the associated risks.

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James Leavesley

James Leavesley, CEO at CrowdControlHQ

As founder and CEO, James has helped many of the UK’s best-known organisations with their social media marketing, customer service, risk, compliance and strategy development. A recognised thought leader, James is a frequent guest speaker and presenter on the topic of Enterprise Social Media.

Dan Aston

Dan Aston, Marketing Manager at CrowdControlHQ

Dan has over 10 years of international experience in digital marketing and communications. He spends his time helping organisations understand how to approach social media to achieve better business outcomes, and raising awareness of the CrowdControlHQ platform.

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