"What impact does social media have on our organisation?" "How do we measure the ROI of Facebook or Twitter?"

For anyone involved in social media management, you'll likely recognise these kind of questions. Yet, answering them is often easier said than done!

In large or complex organisations, social media supports multiple objectives around marketing and customer services, generating a wealth of data in the process that often needs to be translated to show its real value.

Watch this webinar with our very own Head of Client Services, George Kolokythas, to see exactly how you can measure the success of social media using the right metrics and analytics.

Watch this webinar, to explore:

  • Moving beyond measuring Likes and Followers
  • Linking social media analytics to goals and objectives
  • Understanding social media team performance
  • Examples of analytics using the CrowdControlHQ platform

George shares his tried and tested approach to social media analytics. Not one to be missed!

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George Kolokythas

George Kolokythas, Head of Client Services at CrowdControlHQ

George has over 5 year's experience working with some of the largest public and private organisations in the UK. He has trained over 1,000 people on CrowdControlHQ and has deployed the software into hundreds of organisations to help them to achieve their social media objectives.

Dan Aston

Dan Aston, Marketing Manager at CrowdControlHQ

Dan has over 10 years of international experience in digital marketing and communications. He spends his time helping organisations understand how to approach social media to achieve better business outcomes, and raising awareness of the CrowdControlHQ platform.

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