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As one of the largest house builders in the UK and a CrowdControlHQ client, Redrow put their customers at the heart of everything they do.

We're delighted to be joined by Matt Grayson, Group Communications Director at Redrow Homes, for this live webinar where we will explore Redrow's journey to building a more social business.

Matt shares his first-hand experiences from successfully embedding social media across the Redrow organisation, scaling social media adoption in a safe and controlled way, and using social as a key digital communications and customer service channel.

Watch the webinar now to hear more about:

  • Lessons from the trenches - adopting social across communications, customer service and beyond
  • Moving from social media transactions to social media relationships
  • What the future holds for enterprise social media

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Matt Greyson, Redrow

Matt Grayson, Group Communications Director @ Redrow
Matt is an award-winning strategic marketing and communications professional. As Communications Director at Redrow Homes, he is responsible for setting the strategy and overseeing the delivery of social media activity for the group.


James Leavesley

James Leavesley, CEO @ CrowdControlHQ
James has helped many of the UK’s best-known organisations with their social media marketing, customer service, risk, compliance and strategy development. A recognised thought leader, James is a frequent guest speaker and presenter on the topic of Enterprise Social Media.


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