One of the largest leisure operators in the UK and a CrowdControlHQ client, GLL manage over 250 sport and leisure facilities and libraries on behalf of local authorities under its 'Better' brand name.


We're really excited to be joined by James Coyne, Social Media Manager and David Lionetti, Regional Marketing Manager at GLL for this live webinar where we will explore GLL's strategy to deliver a better customer experience via social - and what the future holds.

James and David share real-life insight into how they centrally manage 150+ Twitter and Facebook accounts to reach new audiences, deliver engaging marketing campaigns, and provide a better experience at every customer touch point.

Join the webinar to hear more about:

  • Growing an engaged social media community
  • Establishing a regionalised social media account structure
  • Successfully balancing social media marketing and customer care

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James Coyne

James Coyne, Social Media Manager @ GLL
James handles all things social at GLL. He is responsible for connecting the GLL and Better brands with its customer community in a genuine, authentic and meaningful way, and harnessing the power of social to grow new audiences, deepen engagement and drive the organisation forward.

David Lionetti

David Lionetti, Regional Marketing Manager @ GLL
David manages GLL's team of 14 regional marketing professionals. He is responsible for delivering the organisations marketing strategy and plays a key role in handling the business processes of the organisations social media marketing and social customer service channels.

James Leavesley

James Leavesley, CEO @ CrowdControlHQ
James has helped many of the UK’s best-known organisations with their social media marketing, customer service, risk, compliance and strategy development. A recognised thought leader, James is a frequent guest speaker and presenter on the topic of Enterprise Social Media.


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