We Are Social LogoGeneration Z (born from 1995 – 2015) is the first generation of digital natives. As the next generation of consumers, they bring new spending power and influence, and might just be your next customer.

In this webinar we get to know Gen Z: their thoughts, behaviours and passions, in real life and online. What are their motivations, aspirations and struggles? Who influences them? How they talk about brands and what can you do about it?

We're excited to welcome Alice Bresciani, Research & Insight Director at We Are Social, the global agency working with the likes of Audi, Chelsea FC and HSBC, for this session on the content and experiences that resonate with Gen Z.

Watch this webinar learn more about:

  • What Gen Z’s find truly meaningful (or meaningless).
  • How Gen Z connect both online and offline.
  • What role brands play in the life of a Gen Z.
  • What content and experiences resonate with them.
  • Plus, a live Q&A at the end.

Lizzie DixonAlice Bresciani
Research & Insights Director at We Are Social


Dan Aston, CrowdControlHQDan Aston
Marketing Manager at CrowdControlHQ