How Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service use social media to inform and engage with the public

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service operates 25 fire stations, four community safety centres and three community fire protection offices. An important part of service’s work is to communicate safety advice to the general public.

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service Case StudyThe service were using multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts to run safety campaigns online, and also support national safety messages and initiatives being promoted by other services. Managing each of the social media accounts manually was complex and limited their ability engage with the community.

As a result, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service looked for a solution that allows multiple users to access each individual social media account in a controlled and secure way.

Using CrowdControlHQ, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service experienced several valuable outcomes:

  • Enable 30 different users to access the services social media accounts in a controlled way without risk.
  • Allow information about incidents to be published as they happen by the firefighters, such as traffic accidents or road closures.
  • Allow Communications Officers to promote regular fire safety campaigns across all social accounts, and also monitor and support safety campaigns run by other services.
  • Analyse the effectiveness and engagement levels of posts and replies.
  • Keep a central audit trail and activity history for all of their social media accounts.

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